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Salutations, and welcome to FoxAudio Creations! I'm Toby “Snowy Fox” Wilkinson, and this site is my personal base of operations. Primarily, I'm a composer and sound designer specialising in computer game audio, though I have many creative interests. So, for now, this site serves mainly as a central place for me to showcase my music, art and games, and as a starting point for you to find me and my wider works. Enjoy your stay!

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Regardless of his other interests, Toby's heart truly lies in music. He has composed for YouTube videos, convention events (including a multi-track soundtrack for a small but well-received stage production), web games, game prototypes and indie games.


He contributed to the RMN Music Pack, a community RPG Maker project that any community member could compose for, distributed for free on the RPGMaker.net site for anyone to use in non-commercial game projects. For his contributions, Toby received the Judges' Choice award for best composer, and joint-won the Community Choice award with fellow composer Miles "Kunsel" Mullet. In 2020, he provided the mastering for RMN Music Pack 2, to which he also contributed tracks. No awards were given to RMN Music Pack 2 contributors.


After hopping between a few different homes in the South of England, he still lives in Oxfordshire, working on his own projects, and is currently also working as composer and sound designer with Touchtail, an indie game development team creating adult adventure games. He is also creating the soundtrack for an RPG Maker project by The Mighty Palm.





Born in Oxford, United Kingdom in 1987, Toby has had a love affair with computer games and their music since not very long after that. The bleeps and bloops of his family's Master System were enough to inspire him to figure out how to play them on a keyboard, and it wasn't long before he was coming up with his own.


Ever since, he has been creating music in any way that he could find - usually digitally, though also learning classical piano. After leaving school (with his highest GCSEs in music, art and English), he went on to do a First and National Diploma in Media Studies at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, and a National Diploma in Music Technology at Abingdon and Witney College.


Other than that, his composition, production, engineering, sound design and audio editing skills are largely self-taught. He also has keen interests in drawing, writing and game design (especially level design), and has worked with friends and acquaintances on several game projects, as well as a few solo game projects, chief of which is still in progress.

Snowy Fox

See above - Snowy and Toby are one and the same. Having already built an identity online as Snowy Fox, Toby finds it hard to drop the pseudonym, and uses both names interchangeably. Online, though, he can be found almost exclusively under the handle Snowy Fox.

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Largely (read: entirely) fictitious. The Server Otter works all the digital gears and levers that keep the site running. Or maybe she's slacking off and looking for fish - I'm not sure.

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