Hire Snowy

I distribute music on this website. That is its primary purpose. You can download free music for your own non-commercial projects, or pay for music that you can then use in your commercial projects, too.


There's a downside to this, of course - using "library" music like this doesn't give your game or other project as much of its own unique identity as, well, having its own unique music. The solution? Commission or contract me to compose music specifically for your game!

Nuraya - A Quiet Market Square

Gameplay music for Nuraya, a romantic text adventure RPG in the works by Touch Tail.


Lichbane - Peril

Boss theme for Lichbane, a tentatively-named NES-style RPG and a work-in-progress by The Mighty Palm.


Whether you want a track or two for those key parts of the game, or you want me to score the entire thing, I'm ready to go! I'm most experienced with orchestral RPG music and electronica, though I'm also comfortable with 8- and 16-bit style chiptunes (often with respect to and appreciation for the limitations of the systems I'm trying to emulate), ambient chill-out, rock, trance, and more sinister horror themes, and of course combinations of any and all of these. I'm willing to try just about any style for any genre.


And while games may be my natural habitat, I'm certainly not limited to them. I've created backing tracks for video and even live performances. If it needs music, I'll be able to compose for it!

I'm also proficient with sound effects, and can provide those too, whether they're recorded on-location or through Foley artistry, synthesized entirely from nothing, or stitched together from various original and/or library sources, depending on what's needed. Continuously looping backing tracks are no problem, either. And I'm no stranger to vocal recording, if your project calls for voice acting.

FoxAudio Creations Legends of Legendaria RPG Maker VX Ace
Legends of Legendaria - Legendaria

Overworld theme for Legends of Legendaria, my (shelved) RPG project. RPG Maker users may recognise the melodies it's based on.


If you like the sound of my work and think it will fit your project well, contact me! I'm always keeping my nose to the floor for new stuff to work on and would love to hear from you.

*Please note: the music samples provided on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Visitors are not permitted to distribute them or use them in their own projects, commercial or otherwise, without my express written permission, which is not guaranteed even upon request. Downloading them for personal listening is fine, but if you wish to share them, please instead share a link to this page. Thanks!