M-DRIVE 16-bit

Music Pack

$15.00 USD


Intended Genre

Action RPG



Total Track Length

51:39 (single loop 22:33)



Number of Tracks


Latest Version

1.0 (17.05.18)

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M-DRIVE Medley - Snowy Fox

M-DRIVE is a varied collection of music and sound effects that are inspired by a certain classic 16-bit games console of the early nineties. You know, the one with a controller that looked like a fat boomerang and a TOTALLY RADICAL spiky blue mascot. Yep, that one.


Each of M-DRIVE's music tracks and sound effects has been lovingly crafted using the same synthesis method as the original console's Yamaha sound chip, in the styles of many of the games I grew up loving. When composing, I tried to hold the idea of an action RPG in mind, but the pack is open to several different game genres. M-DRIVE's audio is optimised for use with RPG Maker, but can be used in any game engine.



Key Features


• 14 melody-rich, dynamic tracks by Snowy Fox, ranging from pumping 90's-esque J-rock to serene or eerie background pieces


• 5 jingles, for specific in-game events: game over, resting, two for finding items, and a victory fanfare


• 16 sound effects for menu screens and a few common actions, such as attacking, taking damage, and moving from map to map. Some are abstract, some diegetic – if retro-sounding!


• All instruments have been hand-crafted using FM synthesis or bit-crushed drum samples, trying to achieve a sound reminiscent of the pack's 16-bit console inspiration, without the constraints of its limitations


• Carefully mastered for consistent timbre and volume between each track, jingle and sound effect


• Includes multiple versions of each track suitable for various environments and game engines, or just for listening


• Music and jingles come in MP3, Ogg and M4A formats


• Sound effects are provided in Wav, Ogg and M4A formats

Demo Game

The M-DRIVE Demo Game is a simple little experience built in RPG Maker VX Ace, designed to showcase every track, jingle and sound effect in the music pack in a more in-context way. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (though I personally have only tested it on Windows 7). The demo is offered as-is, free to download and play, with no guarantee of funtionality or support. If you run into any problems trying to play it, however, drop me an email and I'll lend a hand if and when I am able.



• Battle: A Greater Challenge

• Battle: Valiance

• Church

• Dungeon: Dream Factory

• Dungeon: Final Shrine

• Dungeon: Ode to the Ancients

• End/airship: Over the Horizon

• Event: Ancient Quests

• Event: Cherished Memories

• Event: Lost Knowledge

• Menu: Sixteen Quests

• Town: Amidst the Pastures

• Town: Peaceful Town

• World: Ride Away





• Game Over

• Inn

• Item

• Magical Item

• Victory



Sound Effects


• Battle

• Buy

• Buzzer

• Cancel

• Confirm

• Cursor

• Escape

• Foe Attack

• Foe Down

• Foe Hit

• Item

• Magic

• Player Down

• Player Hit Heavy

• Player Hit Light

• Transition

By purchasing any track or pack shown in this section, you agree to adhere to the provided license agreement. In summary, the music and sound effects offered in the Shop, once purchased, may be used in any free or commercial project, as long as you're not just packaging and reselling assets. You also agree to provide credit to Toby Wilkinson, Snowy Fox, or Toby "Snowy Fox" Wilkinson, and to provide the URL of this website (foxaudio.co.uk), in any works in which you use the provided audio. Pretty simple and obvious stuff, I should think.

While they will work with any game engine that supports MP3 and OGG files, the tracks offered on this page are optimised for use with Enterbrain's RPG Maker. Each "single track" actually includes several versions in different formats - the full-loop and full-length OGG versions contain comments that will tell your RPG Maker game where to play back from so that they will loop seamlessly. I'm yet to confirm how to make this work in other game engines, so by default, in other engines, they will play like any other audio file.


Find an explanation of the provided file formats here.

The music samples provided on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Visitors are not permitted to distribute them or use them in their own projects, commercial or otherwise, without my express written permission. Downloading them for personal listening is fine, but if you wish to share them, please instead share a link to this page. Thanks!