Darkness Reawakens


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Darkness Reawakens - Snowy Fox

This track was commissioned by developer DerKIAS for his upcoming game The Seventh Warrior. Darkness Reawakens is the theme of Dark, demonic Crown Prince of Hell, once feared and respected in equal regard... until those blasted heroes sealed him away for a thousand years. Thus, this is the theme of a demonic former-ruler who has since fallen from his seat of power, and is now something of a laughing stock, at least among those who remember him at all.

While it would probably best fit comedy villains, especially those with an air of refinement, I could also see this track accompanying a more serious villain in an otherwise-comedic game, where EVERY character is a source of gags. It might also work for the tower of a powerful wizard, or the castle of a less malevolent demon character.

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