Don't Listen to Rumour


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03:22 (single loop 01:39)

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Don't Listen to Rumour - Snowy Fox

During a collaborative music pack project, I asked some of the others what kind of situational music they thought seemed to be lacking in the RPG Maker repertoire. Somebody suggested more sedate, sinister backing for story moments of tragedy, mystery, or overarching threat. A rough version of this track was the result of that conversation, and after a few years of it sitting idle, I decided to go back, dust it off, polish it up, and release it for people to use.

Music for story moments is something I have always especially enjoyed composing, and I'd like to occasionally put together some different moods, or different choices for similar moods, to distribute here on the site. Story is a major part of most games nowadays, and I can see story-focused tracks being useful for most game genres, and even video work.

This particular track focuses on the aforementioned dread or tragedy feel - possibly the first appearance of a sour-faced character who will later prove to be a villain, the aftermath of a great battle with few survivors, or the discovery of a party member's hometown reduced to ashes.

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