Whether you're making your first game in your bedroom or you're part of an established studio looking for library audio, or if you just enjoy listening to game music, the shop is open to cater to your needs!

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Due to a change in the terms of service of Sellfy, the previous platform through which FoxAudio's automated sales were handled, I am currently unable to offer automated sales. I will update the store with links to a new sales platform as soon as I've found one that suits my needs.

If you wish to purchase M-DRIVE or any of the tracks shown in the shop, please contact me, and I will handle the transaction manually via PayPal.

Intended Genre: Action RPG

Theme: 16-bit

Mood: Various

Number of Tracks: 14

M-DRIVE is a varied collection of music and sound effects that are inspired by a certain classic 16-bit games console of the early nineties. You know, the one with a controller that looked like a fat boomerang and a TOTALLY RADICAL spiky blue mascot. Yep, that one. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Character theme
Energy: Sedate
Mood: Refined/pious


This track was a commission by Amy Summers for Amylinn Summersia, Executor to the Will of Almighty God for the Holy Lunar Empire of Leporidus - one of her roleplaying characters, a holy knight, and antagonist of the heroes. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Character theme
Energy: Ponderous
Mood: Threatening/comical


This track was commissioned by developer DerKIAS for his upcoming game The Seventh Warrior. Darkness Reawakens is the theme of Dark, demonic Crown Prince of Hell, once feared and respected in equal regard... until those blasted heroes sealed him away for a thousand years. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Town
Energy: Upbeat
Mood: Cheerful/bustling


A typical trading town theme for a typical trading town. When composing, I envisioned a lively marketplace that draws in people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, such as one that you might find in a prosperous seafaring city in a medieval fantasy world; as such, there are a handful of different cultural influences in a predominantly Celtic-inspired track. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Story
Energy: Calm
Mood: Tense/tragic


During a collaborative music pack project, I asked some of the others what kind of situational music they thought seemed to be lacking in the RPG Maker repertoire. Somebody suggested more sedate, sinister backing for story moments of tragedy, mystery, or overarching threat. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Dungeon
Energy: Calm
Mood: Foreboding/mysterious

Written as a dungeon theme with RPG Maker in mind, Barrows was inspired by the passage tombs of the neolithic Britons and the idea of an RPG dungeon extending upon their design and primitive feel. Read more...

Intended Genre: JRPG
Intended Situation: Vehicle
Energy: Active
Mood: Empowering/determined

While working on ideas for a music pack with the RMN Music Pack guys, I was considering the defaulttracks that came with RPG Maker XP and VX Ace and it suddenly occured to me that there was nothing thatparticuarly stood out as suitable for something I'd've loved to put in one of my games: a tank. Read more...

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While they will work with any game engine that supports MP3 and OGG files, the tracks offered on this page are optimised for use with Enterbrain's RPG Maker. Each "single track" actually includes several versions in different formats - the full-loop and full-length OGG versions contain comments that will tell your RPG Maker game where to play back from so that they will loop seamlessly. I'm yet to confirm how to make this work in other game engines, so by default, they will simply play from start to finish.


Find an explanation of the provided file formats here.


The standard price for a single track is £1.75 in Great British Pounds. As of 19.07.19, that's about $2.19 USD, or €1.95 Euros, just to save you Googling it. Any additional transaction fees should be included in this base price.