Rolling Treads


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Rolling Treads - Snowy Fox

While working on ideas for a music pack with the RMN Music Pack guys, I was considering the default tracks that came with RPG Maker XP and VX Ace and it suddenly occured to me that there was nothing that particuarly stood out as suitable for something I'd've loved to put in one of my games: a tank.

Did you ever play Phantasy Star IV? While in most classic RPGs you can get a boat or an airship or something, in PSIV you can get a friggin' TANK. And it's COOL. And it comes with its own HUD for random battles and has cannons and bombs and everything.

If I were putting something like that into a game I was making, I'd certainly want it to have its own music... and here it is! Make (or commission) yourself a tank sprite set, apply this theme and let your players roll about feeling like a boss.

It'd also work well as the theme for an engineer character, for example, or for certain story events, or of course for other game genres entirely.


1.2 (17.07.19): Remastered at higher audio quality

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